Garage Door Weatherstripping

Is the bottom seal of your garage door in Markham, Ontario, ruined? Do you want to replace all weather seals of the door? Ask our help at Garage Door Repair Markham. As residential door repair specialists, we understand the significance of weather seals for the proper insulation of your garage and rush to your assistance. We offer fast services and can install any garage door weatherstripping in Markham, ON.Garage Door Weatherstripping Markham

There are several types of garage door weather strips on the market. They differ in terms of their material, size, and the way they are installed. It depends on which door type you own and what your personal preferences are. In any case, our team can help you find convenient weather seals, which will offer the expected insulation without keeping the door from shutting well.

We replace and install garage door weatherstripping

We can replace top, side, and bottom Markham garage door weatherstripping in a timely manner. Whether your door is insulated or not, weather seals are important. When they are worn, they leave a tiny gap between the garage door and the jamb which allows drafts to go in and out of the garage. This compromises the insulation of the space. Gaps underneath the door and when the bottom seal is damaged can also allow rain water to run under the door or create security problems should anyone tries to open the door. For the avoidance of such issues, our company replaces and installs weatherstripping as soon as possible.

Once weather seals are damaged, they are not repaired. They are usually made of vinyl, nylon, or brush style materials, but you can also choose a retainer which acts as a guide for seals to slide on. No matter what you choose, we are here to install them. Some are fitted with nails and some need adhesives. In either case, the job is performed properly. We cut the right length to fit the door, bring the right weatherstripping with us, and make sure the door closes well. Don’t let your door without weatherstripping! Call us to replace the damaged weather seals and install new ones today!

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