Garage Door Maintenance

Forget about problems by relying on our garage door maintenance Markham service. Although we can fix garage door problems and respond to urgent local calls in a timely manner, we like to prevent issues and accidents. Garage doors are too heavy to trust them without servicing them. Don’t forget that tensed parts, like the springs and cables, might snap. Openers might increase your safety but they are complex systems, which might wear after months of daily use. With regular services, Garage Door Repair Markham can keep the entire system stable, safe, and resistant.Garage Door Maintenance Markham

Why trust our garage door maintenance service

Wondering why garage door maintenance is essential? Here are some of the benefits from an annual service:

  • Your garage door remains durable enough to withstand the heavy winters in Markham, Ontario
  • The lifespan of all parts is prolonged
  • Loud noises are eliminated
  • The possibility of the door collapsing or the springs snapping is reduced to zero unless there is an accident with the car or other heavy object in between services
  • You can use the door without dealing with sudden problems
  • Both security and safety are increased
  • You are informed about the overall condition of your door

We maintain your garage door thoroughly

The benefits are possible with the attention we give during garage door maintenance in Markham. In order to determine the weaknesses of the door and see if some parts are damaged or corroded, our technicians start the service by conducting garage door inspection. We follow a meticulous checklist in order to inspect all parts and don’t hesitate to use our troubleshooting skills if there are some problems with the system. In this case, we do the required repair work. But if there is need to replace weak, old and damaged parts, we let you know first.

Another major part of our service is garage door adjustment. We adjust the opener chain and settings and the springs, align the sensors and the tracks, and fix anything wrong with the components. The service doesn’t end before we clean and lubricate the parts. With regularly maintenance lubrication, noises disappear and the door runs smoothly. Interested in smooth garage door operation and no future problems? Call to schedule for maintenance.

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